Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Elmo? The Mustache Report and The Pain of Distance

Welcome!  The difference a day can make!  We have the Presidential political season behind us (sorry to those who are crushed, congrats to those who are happy, and shutup to those who didn't vote at all).

Here endith any mention of politics.

Movember: the mustache I am growing in solidarity with "changing the face of men's health" for the month of November is going well.  I have been rubbing my mustache down with miracle grow and shall provide an update soon.  I was recently mocked by the sweet mustache of a lovable character we all know as Elmo.

Elmo emailed me and was complete dick.  No words. Just this sweet 'stache.

to: Nicholas Denmon <>

date: Wed, Nov 7, 2012 at 2:25 PM
subject: Bitch Ass

On another note I have had time to think about how distance between lovers really is awful.  If anyone has ever had that experience, you know how bad a goodbye can be even if you know you will see each other soon.  It is only worse if you may never meet again.

The distance is hard between two people that care for one another.  It can make the heart grow fonder, it can strain the concept of trust, it can make you feel forgetful of the amazing way you feel together.  It can also make you yearn for that feeling, that bond, you share when together.  But one thing is certain, goodbyes suck whether for a short time, or for a long time, when you are atuned to someone.

Hence, I wrote this:

Not the quote by Khalil Gibran, but the rest.

And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation. - Khalil Gibran

"Reminds me of that moment right before you board a plane to leave someone you love. That long walk down the narrow corridor, alone amongst the company of a hundred others in the midst of their own farewells. You look back for one last glimpse, but that damned narrow hall made a subtle shift to the left, and your hungry eyes can no more see the face of your love than your panicked heart can feel the comforting beat of its now-gone counterpart. " - Excerpt I have as yet left untitled / unedited.

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  1. "...parting is such sweet sorrow."
    It's all so true Nicholas, I've been there done that and created and owned that particular brand of heart break.
    You never realize how much someone means to you until you walk away, whether by choice or something you just have to do for financial means.
    What's worse walking that long hall way is no one knows your hurting, you are truly the most alone you will ever be...HUGS