Friday, November 2, 2012

Writing a Pilot

I am pleased to announce that I am working with Thomas Humphreys in penning a pilot episode for a dramatic television series. The two of us have worked together before and are happy that we can continue our arrangement as we delve into this project.

Despite the opportunity it represents for us both, it really is an amazing project that was brought to our attention by a mutual acquaintance.  This series is her brain child and we are both glad that she entrusted us with it.

I will be crafting the dynamics of the story around the concept while Thomas puts his considerable skill to work laying it out in a script format.  The dynamic duo strikes again.

Be on the lookout at this spot for updates.

In other news...

My writing for NaNoWriMo really started out well with 2,800 words written.  What am I writing?  Is it the third installment of my Upstate New York Mafia series?  Sadly, it is not.  But have no fear.  I still plan to release that novel, as promised, in April of 2013.

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