Thursday, November 8, 2012

5 favorite childhood snacks...remember these?

Business First: NanoWriMo update: 12,000 words.  In fairness this number is lower than it should be because I have had to work on a script as well.  Also my Movember mustache is weighing me down. Excuses?  You bet ya.  But this is my blog, so - tough.

Now, to the guts of this thing.

I saw a kid playing with a package of Garbage Pail Kids today while eating a set of those candy wax lips that I used to think were God awful but people tried to convince me were a treat.  For some reason this got me thinking about my favorite now-obscure treats as a kid and what I would like to pass down to any future children that I might have.

Here they are:

1) Warheads.  These things, especially the black cherry ones, would make me pucker up quicker than a hooker with a fifty dollar bill in her face.  Sour doesn't begin to describe it.  You have to develop a tongue callous to really get a handle on this candy.

2) Marzipan Fruit.  Candies that were shaped like their flavor: Pears, Apples, Oranges...delicious.

3) Fruit Slices.  Pretty self-explanatory but here is a hint:  Looks like fruit but aint. 

4) Circus Peanuts.  I had no clue how to describe this candy.  I just remember them tasting odd, not at all like a peanut, but maybe like stale marshmallows?  It was all about the novelty for me in regards to the Circus Peanut.

5) Candy Cigarettes. I liked to have these I think because my Mom is an avid smoker.  It made me feel grown up and cool.  I was young enough that I would get a sugar high, but none of the cancer that went along with actual cigarettes.  Win-Win!

I'm sure some of you have much better OBSCURE childhood candies, so let's hear them!


  1. Some other childhood favorites.... Necco Wafers, Pixy Sticks, Fun Dip, Old Fashioned Rock Candy, Squeeze Pop, Jaw Breakers (those HUGE ONES)that you either licked till you got halfway through (and a bleeding tongue to go with it) or you'd stick in a plastic baggie and beat the crap out of it with a hammer. Big League Chewing gum, Fruit Stripe bubblegum, Boston Baked Beans. Those were some of my favorites growing up that came to mind (after googling of course) I agree Warheads was a big one. I remember tricking my dad once and unwrapping it while he was driving and I handed it to him unopened, he puckered up, spit it out, and then never took another unwrapped piece of candy from me... I laughed wickedly at his expression (I was like 10) ;)

    1. Oh those are some good ones! ESP the Squeeze Pop - I forgot about those!

  2. Dang! Chelsea hammered out quite the list! Lovin' the nostalgia. One of my personal favorites was the lil wax "bottles" filled with what was probably just colored sugar water. Chew off the wax top, drink the juice, spit the wax, repeat. In fact, I liked them so much that the other day I was walking through the grocery store and found a pack by accident. And... I have to say they were just as much fun as I remembered. :D

    1. You know...I VAGUELY remember those. WOW.