Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Call of Duty and Writing Scripts and Novels

So at midnight today the new Call of Duty came out.  I got it for my brother as a recompense for exposing him on the Rick Astley video as well as an early Christmas present.  The game looks nice and I will probably be playing with him here and there.

Me holding the games

For those that play, my Gamer Tag is Rafael Rontego.  Perfect name eh? We played it for a few minutes last night and it rocked.  Much better than Modern Warfare 3.

In professional news, we are making excellent progress on the pilot script.  Things are really coming together and I am enjoying the process of writing it with Thomas Humphreys.

The novel, God's Forgotten Son, a foray into a dystopian society, is going well.  Just passed the 12,000 word marker and I expect it to come in around 50,000 words.

That's it today, Denmonites. Just a quick note.