Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Suiting Up and Bearding Out

Three days left of being a beard grower.  After that I shall become a stubble cultivator.

As the days dwindle in No Shave November or Movember, the challenges mount.  For instance, tonight two of the trio of beard growers at work have a client dinner to attend.

We ask ourselves, should we shave?  But we can't.  There was never a choice in the matter.  So we edged the lines of our beards and hope that tonight, by suiting up, we can distract people from our fuzzy facial growth.

Tomorrow I will post pictures of us in our suits and ready to rock it with the high rollers tonight.

There seems to be a trend at work.  When in doubt, send in the young guns (as they call us at work).  We work the room with smiles and jokes and come away with clients that feel like friends.

And full stomachs.  These events always have great food (I will update the spread tomorrow too).

For now, I will update you with the three days left countdown beard. Notice in my photo you can see the suit just waiting to be put on.


Glasses and a beard - incognito Nick


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