Friday, November 16, 2012

Going on a TRIP and Pic of the Beard!

This weekend I am going on a trip.  Very excited to go and shall depart immediately after I am done slaving away in my cubicle.  The temple of corporate power that keeps me confined Monday -Friday from about 8am until 5pm shall be cast down as I make my escape.

Conversation between T (a screenplay guru) and myself:

T: How's life at the office?

M: A mind prison. You?

T: At the gig too.  Dying inside.

Do lots of people feel this way?  For their entire lives?  My God.  Gotta break out of this cage and just do me.

A trip is just what I need to soothe the heart and mend the soul and to rediscover some of my creative juices.

Speaking of creative juices...

Halfway Updates for my November challenges:

NanoWriMo: update stands at 17,000 words;  a little slower paced than I thought, but still moving the chains one page at a time.

Movember / No-Shave November: I could talk a lot or just show a pic that is worth a thousand words.

Now for the facial hair update...complete with lumberjack shirt and a tiny goal post over my right shoulder.

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